Lauren Bartlett
for Director At Large


Why I’m seeking this SPJ office

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In these tough times for SPJ, we need directors whose resume shows not only concrete action but also a deep understanding of where we've been – so we can chart a path forward.

In my four years on the SPJ board, I’ve led and followed my fellow directors on many important initiatives – from big-picture issues (ethics) to governance issues (board transparency).

After two board members collectively embezzled tens of thousands of dollars, I chaired a task force with the unpleasant role of tightening financial controls so that never happens again. It was a thankless job, but it was crucial. During the last two years I've gathered board consensus and confronted two SPJ presidents to ensure our meetings are on time and transparent. Right now, I'm working with fellow directors to guarantee our search for a new executive director isn't shrouded in secrecy. In all of these things I've tried to gather consensus while doing what was right and be transparent. I haven't always been successful, but I believe SPJ needs those traits right now.


If elected, I would:

Increase public education efforts about what journalists do on behalf of society. With the president’s attacks on journalists, journalism and media organizations, we need to ensure that everyone from school children to senior citizens understand the difference between news and opinion. And knowing the difference between facts and propaganda also is crucial. A strong push for media literacy and partnerships with other journalism organizations and will help us achieve that goal.

Enhance SPJ’s good work nationally among journalists and the public as THE authority on journalism matters.

Keep the spotlight on the importance of ethics, which are crucial in our ever-changing media landscape.


My goal

I want to be reelected as a Director At Large to help lead the Society as it charts a new path forward. My broad experience in SPJ, which includes serving as campus and pro chapter president, national board member and national committee chair, uniquely qualifies me. 

I ask for your vote to enable me to serve the Society with the enthusiasm I have brought to the organization since my college days.

Please visit this website for updates and follow me on Twitter @LBartlettLA





the late John Ensslin

the late John Ensslin

Lauren Bartlett has been an outstanding Director At Large. 

That’s hardly a surprise. This is her second time serving in the post.

During her first stint, she came to learn and understand the pathways and dynamics of SPJ in a way that served her well during her most recent term.

At a time when the SPJ National board has seen a fair amount of turn over, Lauren has been able to bring an invaluable supply of institutional knowledge to the job.

But there’s much more to her than that.

I first came to know Lauren after joining the national board as a regional director and then as an officer and national president.

She has always had the ability to cut through complex problems and offer sensible solutions.

While I was president, Lauren was a reliable source of sound advice. 

I also knew that when she took on an assignment, it would be done in a thorough and timely manner.

She looks at the Society from the big picture perspective, which makes her ideal for this job.

So, I am happy to once again heartily recommend Lauren for another term as SPJ Director At Large.”

— the late John Ensslin

National President, 2011-12 | Former Sigma Delta Chi Board Member

Candidate’s note: I was so honored and proud to serve as a Director At Large on the board in 2011-2012 when John was national president. When I saw John at EIJ18, I told him I was considering running for reelection and asked him if he would endorse me like he did in my 2017 campaign. He said yes and reiterated that support on March 27 when I reached out to him to let him know I decided to run. John sent me the endorsement posted here on June 22.

Lauren and Steve at a previous national convention.

Lauren and Steve at a previous national convention.

"Lauren's years of experience on the national board and her dedication and service at the local and regional levels of our Society make her well qualified to be a director at large. During my tenure as a national leader, first of SPJ and later of the SDX (now SPJ) Foundation, Lauren provided me with her thoughts, ideas, and advice about important matters for journalism as well as the organization we both serve. I value that kind of participation.

Having a voice like Lauren's on the board is vital, especially as the Society -- and all of journalism -- faces challenges every day.

My vote goes to Lauren in this year's election."

— Steve Geimann

SPJ national president, 1996-1997 | SDX Foundation president, 2002-2012 | Wells Memorial Key winner, 2001

Lauren accepted an award from Dave at convention on behalf of SPJ/LA.

Lauren accepted an award from Dave at convention on behalf of SPJ/LA.

"Lauren Bartlett has been a longtime champion of SPJ's mission and beliefs. She is a dedicated volunteer and strong leader. 

I have known and worked with Lauren for years. She is an outstanding leader and volunteer. Lauren is the perfect person to guide SPJ into the future as the journalism professions continues to reshape itself. She is thoughtful, collaborative, dedicated and a hard worker. 

Please join me in supporting Lauren’s re-election this fall."

— Dave Aeikens

National President 2008-2009 | Former Sigma Delta Chi Board Member | Two-time Regional Director of the Year | Former Legal Defense Fund Chairman 2005-2007 | President's Award Winner 2008

Andrew Seaman

Andrew Seaman

"I've volunteered alongside Lauren in SPJ for the better part of a decade. She knows the Society inside and out. I have no doubt that's she'll continue to be invaluable to the organization."

— Andrew Seaman

SPJ Ethics Committee chair, 2014-2018 | Wells Memorial Key winner, 2018

Lauren and Mark at a previous Excellence In Journalism conference.

Lauren and Mark at a previous Excellence In Journalism conference.

"SPJ must continue to meet head-on the extraordinarily tough challenges facing journalists today, and Lauren Bartlett has the experience and proven leadership to best keep up the Society’s fight on behalf of a free, independent press. The SPJ national board now consists of nine members, reduced from 23. Now more than ever, rank-and-file members need the maximum commitment from each board member. We need them to have the knowledge as well as the drive to lead SPJ during these difficult times. I have known Lauren for 22 years. She has the experience, the motivation, the dedication to SPJ’s mission, and the desire to be the best advocate for journalists and journalism that there is. You can be absolutely confident that your very important vote for her is a vote for solid, mature, experienced and informed leadership for the SPJ of today and tomorrow. "

— Mark Scarp

Two-time Regional Director of the Year | Former Member, SPJ Executive Committee | Howard Dubin Chapter Member of the Year Award Recipient | Former Ethics Committee Member | Former Communications Committee Vice Chair

Lauren and Linda at a regional conference hosted by SPJ/LA.

Lauren and Linda at a regional conference hosted by SPJ/LA.

"Journalism continues to be engaged in a life and death struggle for press freedom. Whether we win the fight to preserve the First Amendment will depend in no small part on the work of SPJ. At the heart of the are dedicated SPJ leaders with a combination of experience, energy, and understanding of the issues that will make the difference in winning this historic fight. One of those people should continue to be Lauren Bartlett, who has the passion for the SPJ mission of preserving freedom of the press. I have known Lauren since she arrived as a young reporter at The Associated Press and have followed her career and her involvement in the work of SPJ. She has the experience and knowledge of the organization to make things happen. She will continue to be an asset to the national leadership of SPJ. "

— Linda Deutsch

Retired AP Special Correspondent | Fellow of the Society of Professional Journalists

Lauren and Nick at his retirement party from The AP.

Lauren and Nick at his retirement party from The AP.

"I have known Lauren since she was at The AP. Her leadership, experience, and dedication to the SPJ makes her the best candidate to continue to serve as Director at Large.

As a photojournalist during the Vietnam War and for over 50 years, I know that the role of journalism and the freedom of the press is more important now than ever in our society and democracy. I know that Lauren will continue to be a strong advocate in protecting and enhancing the critical role that journalists play today."

Nick Ut

Photographer (retired), The Associated Press | 1973 Pulitzer Prize Winner | Sigma Delta Chi Award Winner | SPJ/LA Lifetime Achievement Award Winner


Current SPJ Office

Director At Large, SPJ national board; Ethics Committee member

Lauren is pictured here with the 2014 Ethics Committee right after delegates approved the revised Code of Ethics.

Lauren is pictured here with the 2014 Ethics Committee right after delegates approved the revised Code of Ethics.



Previous SPJ Experience

Frank Mottek, SPJ/LA's president in 2011, and Lauren were voting during that year's convention's business meeting.

Frank Mottek, SPJ/LA's president in 2011, and Lauren were voting during that year's convention's business meeting.

Director At Large, 2010-2012,
Ethics Committee member, 2010 to present;
Finance Committee member, 2011-2012;
Communications Committee chair, 2011-2013;
Public Outreach Committee chair, 2009-2010;
Public Outreach Committee vice chair, 2008-2009;
SPJ/LA Board of Directors, 1996-2014; president,
SPJ/LA, 1997, 1998 and 2007;
UCLA chapter, president.


Past Work Experience

corporate communications, Blue Shield of California;

media relations, Southern California Edison;

media Relations, UCLA;

reporter, Los Angeles Daily Journal;

reporter, The Associated Press, Los Angeles bureau.

Current Employment

Senior Director of University Communications, University of Southern California

UCLA, bachelor’s degree in political science


Honors, Awards and Activities

SPJ national, President’s Award for Distinguished Service, 2011;
Howard S. Dubin Award Outstanding Pro Member Award, 2001.